Favorite Price Reductions for July 2023   

It is very exciting to inform you our Top 3 favorite price reductions on the listing for July 2023.
Come and see the opportunity to own the property and see for yourself.





Know our top picks or our Top 3 properties for July 2023. We are making it easier for you to see check our top on the list, why? Watch our full video. It only takes a minute. You can visit our website for a full experience.


How's the Market?

We're asked this question just about daily and thought let's answer it. Knowing the local real estate market is key to a successful transaction. We are local experts and are sharing our knowledge in our market in a minute videos.  Click here or watch a video below. We'll have weekly and monthly videos so it's really current market updates. 




2nd Quarter 2022 Mountain Trends

Last year, the real estate market witnessed some interesting trends and shifts that may surprise you. My company and myself compiled a detailed report that covers the overall market performance, sale, prices, inventory, and more. We believe that this information can help you make informed decisions as a homeowner, investor, or buyer, and give you a better understanding of the current market conditions. 

Please click on the attached document to access the full report. We would be pleased to receive your feedback or answer any questions that you may have. We are always here to support you in your real estate journey and achieve your goals.